the café at
Five Loaves Bakery
reservations recommended 508-885-3760
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                                                 13 mechanic st spencer ma 01562

***************starting november 26th thru december 17th, bring items for the spencer food
pantry and receive 2 dollars off our wednesday dinner special.  please bring at least the
equivilent of a 2 dollar item per person to get the discount.  help us help those in need
during the holiday season.*****************************************


chicken, vegetable and quinoa
stir-fry 17

tuscan-style cauliflower and
romano with spaghetti 16

black skillet top sirloin with
horseradish and caramelized
onion butter

pan seared schrod with lemon,
tomatoes and capers 18

greek style moussaka 17

chicken marsala with wild
mushrooms 17

tourtiere: french canadian meat
pie 16

small  plates

wild rice, cranberry and
apricot salad with citrus
vinaigrette 8

chicken and sweet potato
chowder 8

roasted beet and goat
cheese tart 8

four cheese risotto balls
with tomato butter 7

oyster stew 8

rosemary and white bean
spread with bread crisps 7

herb pesto sausage and
sharp provolone tartine 7